WordPress vs Laravel

Laravel is an open-source framework. It is a PHP Web framework. It is written in PHP 7+, and it supports the cross-platform operating system. It is mainly developed for the development of web applications and is based on model view controller (MVC) architecture and symphony.

WordPress is an open-source content management system. It is free and more reliable. It is mainly used for blogs and newspapers. It can be used in a small organization, beginners, or entrepreneurs.


The WordPress Foundation developed WordPress. It is written in PHP. It was initially released in the year 2003. It supports the operating system Unix-like and windows. It has features like plugin architecture and a template system.
It is mainly used for writing blogs and website management systems. In WordPress, it is easy to manage content, and editing or updating can be done easily. In this to update the functionality, plugins are available, and many themes are there to increase or customize the web application and content.

Random Fact: All blogs related to Dozy Sites are made with WordPress and the custom/interactive/user applications are made with Laravel.

Following are the key differences between Laravel and WordPress:

1.Open Source Web FrameworkOpen Source Content Management System (CMS)
2.Based on MVC ArchitectureBased on Templates and Plugin Architecture
3.It is a frameworkIt is a Content Management System
4.Complex for Non ProgrammersEasy to use and Interactive UI for Non Programmers
5.No Admin Panel given by defaultWordPress has an easy and customizable Admin Panel
6.Great Learning CurveLess Learning Curve
7.Comes with a lot of features like authentication, authorization, inversion of control etcAuthentication has been taken care of with the help of using well-established plugins
8.The database can be used or designed in your own wayCan be extended for custom features but works on default structure only
9.Can be extended by composer packages/ custom codeCan be extended by plugins
10.Website: laravel.comWebsite: wordpress.org
Comparison between WordPress and Laravel


Laravel and WordPress both are different as laravel is a framework, whereas WordPress is a Content management system. To use laravel, it is required to know the object-oriented programming to write the code and develop the web application. Both Laravel and WordPress are mainly written in PHP and are popular, but the key thing to note here is that this software is used for different purposes.

Laravel is referred to as a toolbox, and if there is an availability of resources and have the time or investing for a long time, then laravel is a good choice to go with for developing the application. Laravel is more costly than other frameworks, and it required a good and experienced developer. WordPress applications are mainly used, but when there is a requirement to scale up the application or blogs, those projects were mostly scrapped. They will be developed or rewritten again in any web framework to make them more secure and usable.

Both Laravel vs WordPress are having own pros and cons. But both are really commendable in their expertise and usages. So, the selection of technology will always be done on the basis of future vision. The selection of technology can be done through the availability of resources and the online community as well to help in different areas. So, it’s always better to learn new things and technologies to scale up your skills and expertise.

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